Monday, 20 July 2015

Doggie Playland: Best Place for Your Dog to Enjoy

When you keep a dog, you bring for yourself several responsibilities along with the immense joy and fun. All dog lovers are aware about the importance of providing timely nutritious diet and daily activity routine. It plays a vital role in maintaining the proper health and well-being of your dog. If you are considerate about the lifestyle of your dog and inclined to provide the best activity time and healthiest diet, then the perfect place for your dog is Doggie Playland. Doggie Playland is a Toronto’s premier doggy daycare Toronto centre. You need a dog sitter service or want to get your dog trained, you need grooming services or want to throw a perfect birthday bash for your beloved doggie, whatever services you want to avail, they are here offering everything in best possible way.

Doggie grooming Etobicoke is among the most important services that are offered at Doggie Playland. At Doggie Playland, they provide the facilities for doggie bath, which includes the bath session, drying, nail trimming, brushouts, ear cleaning and pads shave services. And as a cherry on the top, at Doggie Playland, with every dog bath you are served with a daycare service free of cost.

At Doggie Playland, they have designed unique dog training Etobicoke to ensure a healthy relationship of you and your dog. These training sessions are conducted at different levels that aim to focus on the behavioural aspects of your dog. Emphasis lies on training the dog to obey all the basic commands of their owner. Also, if you are noticing any kind of problematic behaviour or change in the activity routine of your dog, then these sessions are going to prove very beneficial for your dog. Private sessions are available for training of your dog, and mini sessions are available for dog owners to help them learn the tactics to handle their dogs in variety of environments, including both indoors and outdoors.

About Doggie Playland

Based in Etobicoke, Doggie Playland is Toronto’s premier dog daycare center, offering their clients with range of services including training sessions, grooming, boarding and several others in the healthiest environment.

For a healthy and full of activity lifestyle for your dog, contact Doggie Playland. For further information, visit

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